Monday, September 17, 2007

week 2

its hard to believe that we're in the 3rd week. we are hoping to rent the house in helena by nov 1 now at the latest giving us about 6 more weeks. the guy installing our ac/furnace asked if we thought this would take about 6 months or so..... i think we can do it in 4 weeks but we'll see.

since the last post, a lot has been done. the pee drenched floors have come up. the wall in the kitchen has come down. the new kitchen sheetrock has been hung. all the walls except the ones in the basement have been kilzed making the smell a thousand times better. the new furnace has been installed. the kitchen cabinets have been ordered. the master bath toilet has finally become usable.

all the while i've managed to slice my finger nearly to the bone, smash my finger with a hammer, step on a nail and have to get a tetanus shot, and drill into a live wire that nearly caught the house on fire and apparently almost fried me. that's what fuses are for.

this week i lay new hardwoods, finish the sheetrock in the kitchen, ac is installed, and paint picked out. hopefully a few more things in addition. here's some updated pictures.

middle last week

this past weekend

erin's family came down from tenessee to help

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