Sunday, August 3, 2008

best boomboomhuckjam ever?

i can't tell you how many boomboomhuckjams i've been to in my life. i'm sure you could say the same. this one however was the boomboomhuckjam to end all boomboomhuckjams. why? because this was tony hawk's boomboomhuckjam. sometimes when you go to these things you leave wishing you could've had a little more huckjam or not so much boomboom. but this one seriously could not have been any more tasteful in their boomboom or their huckjam. glad i went.

you see i was always too scared to skateboard and was never allowed to ride a motor bike. seeing these guys perform for an hour so fearlessly was very impressive. erin and i have been watching the Xgames 14 this week. we both are fascinated at these guys willingness to put their life's in danger for something they are so passionate about. i'm glad my passion allows me to generally stand in one place and press and depress my pointer finger.... sometimes however my legs get tired and my fingers cramp. i guess i can relate.

seriously these guys have my respect and if you've never felt that way about extreme sports, listen to tony hawk for 5 minutes and i'm sure you'll feel otherwise. was there a skate park in homewood that got shut down? tony hawk said something about it to the crowd and how he had written the mayor about it. i still would never get on skateboard but sign me up for the picket line to bring back the skate park. i have been enlightened and it's time for change. "yes we can"