Tuesday, June 2, 2009

bump n grind

no, that's not the name of the latest kenny chesney album. actually this was the most recent event i covered that made me feel like i needed to get in shape. last week was xterra this week bump. these are both basically outdoor extreme sports races where people, who border on actually being non-human, compete against one another to the death (or at least that's what it would be for me). in this event there were lower categories and i did see a few people that made me feel like i could get by with running 2 miles a day this week rather than 10. still, the amateurs in this event were quite impressive. 

part of my assignment was to get shots at "blood rock". needless to say a lot of people fall there. i felt kindof bad sitting down to watch/hope people busted so i could take their picture. i'm sure the other 20 people there felt the same. 

one of my favorite things about assignments like this is that you get to experience pockets of culture... a variety of things you would never know otherwise. birmingham cycling is definitely it's own culture... quite a big one at that.