Thursday, February 28, 2008

never done this before...

alright i've never posted my wife's photos on my blog before. i do most of the editing, though she still does a good bit, however we have always done so separately. after some discussion about what we want our pictures to look like now and what we hope for them to look like in the future, we decided to both sit down and work together on a few pictures.... give input on the things that matter to us individually. i should say, working together is hard... very hard sometimes. having 2 points of view and coming from 2 different sides can be difficult. i felt the need to show these pics since it shows the combination of our styles and reveals the efforts of our attempts to work together. did i mention it is hard? you will also find these on my wife's blog if you've never been there before.

oh and by the way we did not resolve that this is how we want our pictures to look. but it's progress.

michael dulin

mike is a piano player... a really good piano player. i don't know much about piano skills but i know he sounds good and his resume is impressive. also, one of the nicest guys i've met.

we spent several hours with mike at gorham's bluff. if you don't know where that is, you are not alone. it's about 2.5 hours away from birminghm, near chatanoogo. we got to hear a lot of his stories and a good bit of his music. i told him going into the shoot that i had been looking forward to having some great, peaceful music playing while i worked. i wish i could have that on every shoot. anyway, mike plays all around the country and back at home he owns and operates a recording studio. impressive guy to say the least.

one of the most challenging things about this job is shooting for someone who knows what they want and it becomes your job to capture that. that was just the case with mike. he has a new album coming out and wanted to capture the album title in photos. you'll have to get the album to see those pics, but here are some i did for his personal promotion.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

primary colors...

alright this has brought on some discussion in my household so i figured i better do my research. here's what i found out....

apparently if you are involved with art or painting or can remember what you were taught in elementary school then you would most likely say that the primary colors are red, yellow, & blue. the reason being, they say, is that you cannot make these colors by blending other colors. they are unique and will not be replicated. and if your old enough to remember the Glad commercials you heard that yellow and blue make green not blue and green make yellow.

now if you are involved with graphic arts, design, photography, or have a television you may think of the primaries as red, green, & blue or RGB. the reason these are considered primaries in these fields is that the combination of the three creates white. these are considered "additive primaries". now, when the different combinations of 2 of these additive primaries overlap they create 3 other primary colors (where i was wrong in my previous blog post). the difference is that when you combine these three new primary colors, they make black and are therefore called "subtractive primaries". in my fellow bloggers defense, yes it is still a primary but in my defense, yes it is still a secondary since technically you can combine 2 colors to make yellow. sounds weird i know but the more you combine additive primaries, the lighter your result is.

bottom line is our kindergarten teachers were wrong! here a good link for how to make yellow.
and here's a visual of the new and improved additive and subractive color wheel.

oh yeah, and turns out yellow and blue don't make green. looks like the happy days guy was wrong too! color combination misrepresentation is apparently a big deal these days. apparently lots of artists are scratching their heads trying to use old science.

family portrait...

erin just posted our family portrait on her blog so i thought i'd post one on mine. this is the perfect example in the difference in our styles. she'd rather be outside on a big open wall with ton's of natural light and i'd rather be inside a narrow hallway with diagonals and manufactured lighting. the composition is a product of our individual taste but the photography rights actually go to my sister. she is starting to learn photography and just got a digital slr (canon of course) for christmas and had her first lesson in mexico. she did a good job. keep it up!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

the other side of the camera...

erin and i had a great weekend cruising the gulf of mexico and eventually strolling through mexico. we carried but one camera, one lens (we are not insured out of the country and i can't lie) and of course it turns out mexico is the best place i've ever been to take pictures. it made us want to call everyone we've ever taken pictures of and tell them to fly down to cozumel to re do their shoots.

most of the locals are very poor and clearly have very little. still we found ourselves really envious of the culture. they seem to have much more wealth in that department. i think that's the case in most areas like this though. one way that came out was how they decorate. there are so many vibrant colors in cozumel. the streets just popped out. granted a lot of it was the yellow in the corona signs but still. at least they weren't neon bud light signs. why we don't use more primary colors in the states, i don't know (and yes i know yellow is not a primary color).

anyway, erin and i snuck away and had ourselves a mini modeling shoot. thankfully for you all she was the model and i was the one taking pictures. i've been doing so much editing lately, i haven't shot that much. it was fun to be the photographer for a photographer. we had a good time and i thought others might want to see the person who is usually behind the camera. more to come.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

lesson for the kids...

cheaters don't win. go giants.