Saturday, May 24, 2008

sheryl crow...

today sheryl crow has no idea who i am. shocking, right? well at about 9:10 last night she did.

erin and i were lying in bed talking about the concert last night and it hit me. for a brief moment in time... maybe just seconds, sheryl crow knew who i was, what i looked like, and what i did for a living. kind of fun. i've had some cool opportunities lately that have put me in contact with some fame. people who would never remember me nor care after the show (or during the show for that matter) but during those 3 songs i was on their radar. does this sound psycho? sorry, i think it's cool.

anyway, i've got to write a review of the show and am using my blog to prep. overall it was a great show. she is a far better singer than i would have imagined and her stage presence was really second to none. as a former stage lighting tech, i appreciate the lighting more than most but hers was truly impressive. only downside for me.... wait there were a few. we got there at 7 being told she started at 7:30 only to find out she went on at 9 and had an opening act. what's worse? her opening act was shawn mullins. what? spent $10 on a snickers and 1 piece of pizza then almost got into a fight trying to break up a fight between a disgruntled middle aged man and a few young women. seriously the man was going to fight the women. then he wanted to fight me for stepping in. crazy thing was most people were on his side! go birmingham. anyway, we stayed the whole show which really was great and left looking over my shoulder in the dark parking lot. all in all an eventful trip. here's the pics.

this was actually the first song... "God Bless This Mess" which was really good. when you only get three songs and the first one has the lighting of my closet, you get a little antsy... but i really like the feel of this one.

Friday, May 9, 2008

moving on....

the other day i was at a shoot with another photographer. she said, "i think i know you. you shot somebody famous." certain she had the wrong person and certain i had never photographed anyone famous i said "who michael warren". she said no so i went down my short list of potential candidates. apparently my friends act of congress are more famous than the pop phenom. congrats guys!

so anyway i get a call the other day from one of the guys in the band. he kindly informs me that my photos will soon be replaced. turns out they've gotten in with ryan russell. i don't know ryan but he's shot a lot of folks. he is certainly one of the top entertainment photographers in the area.... so i guess if i'm going to be replaced, it's a good thing it's him. i look forward to seeing what he comes up with. it will not doubt have a yellow tint.

all that got me a little sentimental and i realized i never posted anything from that shoot. so 7 months later i present act of congress... quite possibly the last time you'll see these pics.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

derek trucks band

i got to shoot a concert the other day. i was an official photographer... i felt like a rock star or a least a person taking pictures of a rock star. this is the opening act which i don't know why more people didn't come to see this. he is amazing. only 28 years old and he's played with all the living legends. lots of signatures on his guitar... see if you can make out any. headliner pics to come.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

the cowboy way...

funny this wasn't how i pictured it.

i've been wanting to post something for a while but haven't had the time to put in a good one. these pictures just crack me up so this will work for now.