Monday, February 22, 2010

sewage... the great equalizer

there's a saying out there that eloquently sums up the point i'm about to make but i'll refrain from profanity in this post.

where to start? a couple weeks ago we had some issues in our front yard. i'll avoid description but let's just say it wasn't very civilized. so i call the experts out. as i'm standing over my septic tank looking in with my plumber beside me i said something like, "this feels really personal... you looking at my poo". really it kind of felt like i was standing there naked. okay, pretty gross thought but it was very humbling and yes very personal... i mean you can't exactly blame it on someone else. {aside} you know the jefferson county sewer issue is bad when your looking at a tractor (which grayben still is talking about and saying bye to) digging up your yard, smelling the raw sewage filling up your neighborhood, and watching your bank account dwindling yet still are thankful you're on septic.

okay fast forward to this weekend. we just got back from a great weekend of skiing. as i was driving up i thought to myself "i wonder what will be the defining element of this trip". my first thought was an injury. turns out it was sewage. i should preface this by saying we were staying in a NICE house... one of the nicest on the mountain. saturday night we come back in from skiing, all tired yet pretty happy about our day. (cue ominous music). everyone else has gotten a shower and we walk downstairs to our room only to find our bathroom filling up with water... not clean water. again i'll spare the details but from here it only got worse... lot's worse. the rest of the trip we were washing dishes outside (among other things) and giving ourselves sponge baths. the irony was tremendous.

i unfortunately have several other stories along these lines i could share but i'll go ahead and get back to my point. there's really not a whole lot separating the civilized world from the uncivilized. just some pipes. no matter where we live or what class we're in there will always be some things that put us all on the same level. it's a good reminder though some might think it stinks.

i'm happy to recognize feb as black history month. i will also remember it at "sewage epiphany month".