Monday, December 24, 2007

the house

okay, i realize that i haven't posted anything on the house in over a month. i have been a little embarassed with how long it has taken us to get the inside wrapped up.

we had to have a new home study (for the adoption) for our new home. our social worker who is very easy to work with and has been very kind to us, was unable to completely check the house off because of the unfinished guest bathroom which has remained untouched since the last photos i posted of it. it makes sense. who wants to send a child into a construction zone to be raised.

the middle of last week orders started settling down and i was able to actually really finish the inside of the house. so i promise that when we get back in town i will take pictures of the finished product. not that most of you really care about the inside of my house, but to those of you who have been faithful in the process i owe you the satisfaction of a conclusion. thanks for the support.