Friday, August 10, 2007


when you take photographs for a living you expect to really take some exceptional shots when you go to a place like colorado. we actually didn't take as many as i thought we would and what we did end up taking were not exactly the shots i had in my head. everybody says its really hard to take a bad picture in a place that is beautiful. i agree with that but it also is really hard to take a great picture too. after viewing some of the art galleries in the town we were staying, i realized that my outdoor pictures have a long, long way to go. a lot of it has to do with the time of day and some had to do with the equipment differences. i think the biggest difference though is experience.

anyway, here are some of the keepers. probably too many for a blog.

my cool wife in colby, kansas "the oasis"

along trail ridge road... highest paved road in us

aspen trees... one of my favorite things about colorado

tons of elk

erin and i had a debate over whether the fly fisherman adds to the pic or takes away.

my try at ansel adams

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

act of congress.... from the vault

if you don't know about act of congress, you better ask somebody. i got to know the guys in the band through ethereal's music as well our little studio venture. individually they are stellar musicians. put them together and its one of the best groups around. they have been getting a good bit of attention lately from various folks in the birmingham music scene and it's looks like they are on their way.

a couple months ago i went to help them film a dvd to use as a promotional piece. i took some quick shots while they were playing but thought i lost them. well, an external hard drive crash and a computer later the pics resurfaced. i was happy, so i decided to post.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

the university..... of alabama

my wife asked me why i keep calling it "the university". probably has something to do with the brain washing i experienced as a child. clearly there is another university in the state that is just as (or more) deserving. however, it's history & reputation is respectable... maybe subconsciously that's why i keep honoring it with that title.

anyway, a few weeks ago i was commissioned to do a shoot for a publication by "the university" of alabama. my main assignment was to replicate a photo that had been taken 30yrs ago. i had a lot of fun experimenting ways to make all the different aspects of the earlier photo come out in our shoot. in the end i got shots of a couple buildings. word is they are giving 2 of the shots a prominent place in the publication.

structural photography is becoming my favorite, i hope to keep getting more gigs like this but i'm pretty sure they are rare.