Thursday, August 2, 2007

the university..... of alabama

my wife asked me why i keep calling it "the university". probably has something to do with the brain washing i experienced as a child. clearly there is another university in the state that is just as (or more) deserving. however, it's history & reputation is respectable... maybe subconsciously that's why i keep honoring it with that title.

anyway, a few weeks ago i was commissioned to do a shoot for a publication by "the university" of alabama. my main assignment was to replicate a photo that had been taken 30yrs ago. i had a lot of fun experimenting ways to make all the different aspects of the earlier photo come out in our shoot. in the end i got shots of a couple buildings. word is they are giving 2 of the shots a prominent place in the publication.

structural photography is becoming my favorite, i hope to keep getting more gigs like this but i'm pretty sure they are rare.


casey said...

Okay... I know immediately you are going to take this as the "Bama fan" talking but I wanted to put my two cents worth in about calling it "the university"... only because I have had people ask me that before and here is my take on it. The University of Alabama is "The University's" official name. Auburn University is the official name of "Auburn".So, when you call it "The University", you are just shortening it, just like you dont say Auburn University every time.. you just say Auburn. I believe it is just a nickname thing, it is not saying that it is the ONLY university.
Also, they are great pics, where are the more contemporary shots from?

Corey Nolen said...

all but the last one are of the bryant center.