Friday, August 10, 2007


when you take photographs for a living you expect to really take some exceptional shots when you go to a place like colorado. we actually didn't take as many as i thought we would and what we did end up taking were not exactly the shots i had in my head. everybody says its really hard to take a bad picture in a place that is beautiful. i agree with that but it also is really hard to take a great picture too. after viewing some of the art galleries in the town we were staying, i realized that my outdoor pictures have a long, long way to go. a lot of it has to do with the time of day and some had to do with the equipment differences. i think the biggest difference though is experience.

anyway, here are some of the keepers. probably too many for a blog.

my cool wife in colby, kansas "the oasis"

along trail ridge road... highest paved road in us

aspen trees... one of my favorite things about colorado

tons of elk

erin and i had a debate over whether the fly fisherman adds to the pic or takes away.

my try at ansel adams


casey said...

All of these are awesome... really makes me want to go... the one of erin is really cool... she looks like a celebrity or somthin'... I know you had an awesome environment to shoot in, but these are really incredible!

Jody said...

also... my two cents on the pic with the fly fisherman. I think that if he were a little closer in the picture (i.e. larger) he would have added more to the picture especially if it had been an action shot. But as it is, I think he is a little distracting. Just curious, what side of the debate do you and erin each fall on?

Jody said...

that was casey... not jody on the previous... I was logged in to his account and did not realize it.

erin nolen said...

i say no fisherman. which i guess makes your vote one for me.