Thursday, February 28, 2008

michael dulin

mike is a piano player... a really good piano player. i don't know much about piano skills but i know he sounds good and his resume is impressive. also, one of the nicest guys i've met.

we spent several hours with mike at gorham's bluff. if you don't know where that is, you are not alone. it's about 2.5 hours away from birminghm, near chatanoogo. we got to hear a lot of his stories and a good bit of his music. i told him going into the shoot that i had been looking forward to having some great, peaceful music playing while i worked. i wish i could have that on every shoot. anyway, mike plays all around the country and back at home he owns and operates a recording studio. impressive guy to say the least.

one of the most challenging things about this job is shooting for someone who knows what they want and it becomes your job to capture that. that was just the case with mike. he has a new album coming out and wanted to capture the album title in photos. you'll have to get the album to see those pics, but here are some i did for his personal promotion.


Beth & Raja Gupta said...

these are really cool photos.. something's just very nice about them.

oh, and next time need any "peaceful music" at a photo session, you just let me know.. I'm FABULOUS at banging away on the piano. ;)


Leigh said...

Great job!

Anna said...

hey, i know that guy.

Anonymous said...

hey, me too!