Thursday, February 14, 2008

family portrait...

erin just posted our family portrait on her blog so i thought i'd post one on mine. this is the perfect example in the difference in our styles. she'd rather be outside on a big open wall with ton's of natural light and i'd rather be inside a narrow hallway with diagonals and manufactured lighting. the composition is a product of our individual taste but the photography rights actually go to my sister. she is starting to learn photography and just got a digital slr (canon of course) for christmas and had her first lesson in mexico. she did a good job. keep it up!


Anonymous said...

yay, Casey again! Beautiful shot! i love it and am dying to know what you guys are saying to each other.


miss y'all.


Hershbine Family said...

I'll tell you what they are saying... "everyone around us is getting sick, maybe if we just stand against this wall really still we wont catch anything..." haha ... only it didnt work did it, corey? sorry you werent feeling well.. mom said you were feeling better though. thanks for the lessons this weekend... I am still taking pictures with the camera set like you had it and I am getting some pretty decent shots.. .but I need a refresher again, soon about how to change the setting... I am going to start on my book that Jody got me hopefully tonight! Oh and on the shot... again it was just you setting it up and me pressing a button, thankfully I have got a little vision of what each of you like and see in photography.