Friday, September 21, 2007

kensington road studio

i believe i've hit a wall. my body is aching from the work i've been doing on the house, so i gave myself the day off today.... from renovations anyway. this has given me the chance to post a shoot i did few weeks ago.

i got this shoot through a fraternity brother (but i can't really call him brother because i depledged). i was running at the park with a friend a couple months ago and he was there walking his dog. pretty random but we caught up and he's been really supportive of my photography. he referred me to a friend of his who is starting up this studio. really nice by the way with some great equipment. if you are interested in some very high quality recording for some startup rates, this is the place.

here are some shots for their promotion.


Anonymous said...

these are really beautiful shots. i especially love the sound board and the light.

Anonymous said...

ok. i'm an idiot. it's a microphone. duh. still, it's a really beautiful shot.