Monday, September 24, 2007

week 3

alright, here's week three. i did manage to get the hardwoods laid down which was an experiment. the pics show the process. also, the kitchen sheetrock is getting very close to being finished. i learned from my previous sheetrock experiences that i have to be very patient. my lumpy bathroom and studio walls are a testimony to that. so, i have at least one more layer of mud to put on those walls but it seems to be coming together.

my friend stokes came over today and helped me paint the ceilings and closets. next (this week) will be the walls (i bought all the paint today). hopefully the kitchen and guest bath will be ready for tile. the guest bath needs a LOT of work.... first by a professional. as it turns out though, its pretty hard to get a subcontractor to do anything they say they're going to do. i'm sure most people knew that already. i was supposed to have a couple estimates from plumbers for the guest bath but never heard from either.... and my ac/furnace has not been worked on since last monday... i don't know if they're still in business. anyway, on the helena side of things, we have been having to keep the house clean to show to folks who don't show up which is real nice. i am hoping that that adventure is about to come to a close.

most of my attention this past week was on the floors and kitchen walls, so here are those pics.

after one coat of mud

as they were being laid
the finished product


Anonymous said...

corey--these are AMAZING! thanks for keeping us all posted. it's so much fun to see all the hard work you guys are doing. i just wish we could be there to help-- even though i know i'd be completely useless. it is really amazing how good you are at all of this...way to go! we can't wait to see the finished's already so gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how much progress you are making in spite of the various roadblocks you are hitting. The floors look incredible. Yay for Stokes helping with the painting! Hope we can come back soon to help. Will miss you this weekend.

Anonymous said...

when can we see the WOUND? or at least a few pictures of the house this week.....


Tyson said...

I should have known all those times when you said you were watching the Cubs you were actually watching Bob Vila. I am most impressed with your construction skills, heck if I would have known you were this good with a hammer we would have rebuilt that fort in the woods behind your house so we could have had a place to hang out! Let me know what you bill yourself out at, I made need a good remodeler in about 6 months.

Your 'ol friend from down the street

Corey Nolen said...

Ty, you better check this again and email me

I actually am watching the Cubs right now.