Thursday, June 14, 2007

the old place

everybody has a history. i'm not talking so much about our own lives as much as the lives before us that made us who we are... our names, our geographic location, our accents, etc. the older i get the more grateful i am that my family still owns and maintains the home and farm (my family doesn't actually still farm) that my great-grandparents bought over 100 years ago. my grandfather was raised there and all the generations since have in some way or other grown up there.

i really admire my papaw and my dad for spending so much time keeping it up over the years. i hope to do as good of a job as they did to make it last another 100 years. now it serves as a place to just get away. there's a lot of land, a lot of trails, a lot of heat, but now thanks to the TVA, a lot of water too. our dog attie is the most thankful for that. my sister casey, my neice alex, erin, attie, and myself got away a few weeks ago.

alex's first fish

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Nancy said...

Hi Corey--I love these photos from your weekend at the Old Place, and I really love how you value your family history and heritage. It's sweet how your pictures capture some of the ways that Alex and Attie are now part of that story too. I'm glad that erin is also part of the Nolen story.