Thursday, July 5, 2007

citizen cope

i love music however i would not say i am a huge fan of many musicians. like most other people it takes a lot for me to get excited about a song or artist since there are about a billion out there. and though i may like an artist it is extremely rare that i get hooked on their music. well, i can honestly say that i discovered an artist that has changed my life. that sounds extreme i know but it is true. it is like an addiction.... i cannot stop listening. this is a blog about photography but when something really significant happens you just want to tell as many people as possible.

i went to see citizen cope at workplay before i'd ever heard a complete song of his. i went with my friend stokes and his pastor burt. it was good, but it wasn't until weeks later that it reeled me in. i don't know what it is.... i never really do, but it is just solid, authentic music. i write all of this to hopefully turn some others on to the music. here it is.

on a photography note... i think this is a great photo. i've been doing a lot more entertainment shoots lately and trying to get inspired by true professionals. check out my myspace and the website for some of my updated photos....i'll eventually get around to posting on the blog.

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