Tuesday, June 5, 2007

auburn architecture

the great things in my life seem to happen without my influence. i am the type of person who likes to get out there and push forward and "make" things happen. well, just about every time i try to "make" something happen i get frustrated because it doesn't. the fact that i am doing photography now and not music is a perfect example.

a couple months ago i was put in contact with the head of the school of architecture at auburn university. he has this really cool project www.designhabitat.org that integrates modern design with factory habitat homes. the idea is to make the homes more efficient & enjoyable to live in as well as be used as a training ground for the university students. he needed some good shots for some publications, and through events that i could not have planned, i was able to get those for him. i am learning not to push so hard these days but rather wait on the things that are already headed my way.

here is a collage of some of the habitat house.

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Jessica said...

corey, you definitely have a knack for architectural photography. great eye on these. i'm so glad that things are happening for you and erin!