Wednesday, May 9, 2007

places i've never been

yesterday i was on a pseudo-assignment in greensboro. i'm waiting to see if the shots i took are going to be used before i post them on the blog. anyway, i got up at 4am for the shoot and traveled 2 hours to greensboro. once i was done i got out the map. i figured that in 27 years i've never seen this area of the state and couldn't ever imagine having a reason to be back down there. so i started driving. here's a little of what south-central-western alabama looks like. i know you always wondered.

some field along the way

demopolis, al

one of the weirdest things i've ever seen.
somewhere north of demopolis

newburn, al


casey said...

First of all, I want to say that I knew you were doing this photography stuff... and I knew you were serious about it and what ever you get serious about you usually succeed at... but, really, Corey, I was VERY impressed by your photography. It is very professional and very artistic. You have a talent that I never knew you had. Which leads me to the second thing I wanted to address... I find it funny that I have to read your blog to know that you have interests in Snowboarding, Rugby, Timber Competitions, Kickboxing, and Professional Arm-Wrestling Tournaments... that cracks me up

Anonymous said...

There are lots of cool, old places of a time-gone-bye era down in that part of Alabama. We spend/spent much time in that area and I glad you exploring it. Even though I am not a photographer, I often wish I had a camera with me. GREAT JOB!
Elizabeth McCoin