Wednesday, May 2, 2007

band shoot

it's been a week or so now but i thought i would post some pics of the photo shoot i had with Act Of Congress, a bluegrass band here in birmingham.

we all met at 5:30am and went to a field near my house. we were tired, had to walk forever (some of us in heels- i won't say who), and were dodging cow patties right and left. i got bit by something that i've never experienced before but all in all it was a great session. the light was very even and the yellow flowers were perfect.

from there we moved on to some town outside of montevallo where a family had an old stable with some old equipment surrounding it. the scene could not have fit this band any better. they even played some tunes for the owners who came out to watch the photo shoot. all in all it was a great time, and i was pleased with how things turned out. here's a collage of some of the days shots.


Jessica Wright said...

corey, adam just showed me your blog and i really love the photos. what great ideas! your work is amazing, and it happened so fast! i love the stuff that you and erin have been shooting. thanks for sharing.

Corey Nolen said...

thanks jessica. i don't know if adam has been passing along the props but your stuff is looking good too. i really like his new myspace pic.