Wednesday, June 4, 2008

my living room....again

it occurred to me as i was prepping this post that the last 6 months of my blog have mostly been about my house. so keeping with the theme, here's my living room.

i'm about to shoot for a company that specializes in commercial VR photography. i had to do a trial run using some new panoramic equipment. i thought it was super cool... at least enough to waste my time on a blog post.


erin nolen said...

i love this. you continue to amaze me, corey nolen.

Mike, Lee, Evan, and Aiden said...

Great pics. No one is paying to hear the dance hall doctors. They are paying to see Tim. But thanks to you I can look at him plenty for free. Well for what I pay to Bellsouth a month but still cheaper than concert tickets. I may even go and find a cd and pretend I was there.

Meggs said...

Looks good. Let me know how that shoot goes.