Saturday, November 24, 2007

whiskey falls

it has been a long time since i've posted any of my real work. the last 3 months have been dominated by the house but there have been a lot of shoots in between. i hope that this blog gets back to actual photography at some point soon although it's been fun documenting the house. its a little strange to have people you don't know come up do you and ask how the house is coming. i'm just glad i've offered some entertainment on some level.

if you listen to rick & bubba and admit it then you've probably heard of whiskey falls. my wife is all about poppy, 3 chord progression, 3rd person written, 3part harmony songs. i typically am not. in fact i really did not like whiskey falls before i did this shoot.

i was asked to be the photographer for this big oak ranch benefit concert that featured michael tolcher and whiskey falls. both were great. i will admit that whiskey falls was exceptional. their harmonies were tighter than i've ever heard in a live band. their version of seven bridges road was unreal. i felt really bad because i told erin she couldn't come because she had too much work to do. i know, it was really mean but i did hold my phone up and let her listen... which we all know is just like being at the show, especially with our awesome free motorolla's.

anyway, i got to meet the lead singer "seven" after the show and i'm hoping they will post a few pics on their website at some point. i'm not holding my breath. anyway if you ever get a chance to see them, i would recommend it.

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