Sunday, November 18, 2007

week 7&8

alright, i'm finally able to post some of the progress from week 7 & 8. the real crunch came when the kitchen floors had to get done so the cabinets could be put in and then so I could start on the hardwoods. while i had the tile saw i also had to finish the tile in the bathroom. all of this was with the deadline of the moving day and then a week later the renters in helena moving in. oh yeah, and this has been one of the busiest times for the business since we've started. as jackson browne said, we have been "running on empty" these last two weeks. anyway, i'll spare the life commentary for now.... i'll have the holidays for that. there is LOTS more to post since these were taken but lets not get ahead of ourselves okay.


Hershbine Family said...

AWESOME! Even though I have seen the finished product, and it looks great... i had not been there during the whole kitchen process and how it got to look so nice!

Anonymous said...

WOW! worth the wait! the house is GORGEOUS! those floors are awesome and the cabinets look AMAZING with the tile and paint. i LOVE it! we can't wait to see the real thing!