Thursday, March 4, 2010

grayben's been paying attention

between erin, myself, and the business we have 3 facebook pages, 3 blogs, and 1 twitter account. when i realized this this morning my first thought was that i need to simplify. unfortunately we have subdivided our life into so many categories that each one serves a different purpose. i know it sound ridiculous but it is somewhat tried and calculated. for example erin's clients don't want to hear about my brush with birmingham's premier homosexual landmark. so naturally there are times that we want to share something and don't know where to put it. i finally after hours of deliberation (right) decided to stick this video here.

when i'm in the office all day erin will bring grayben down a few times to see me and hang out. it is his favorite place because there are tons of things that could injure or kill him (shredders, damp rid, glue, scissors, paper cutters, etc). he really loves to come downstairs now because his new bff alyssa (our assistant) is down her a couple afternoons a week. so here's a video of him telling us about everyone in our house and then showing us what you do when it's time to put the camera away.

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