Tuesday, March 17, 2009

this is supposed to be the off-season.

i look forward to this stretch of time. i should have learned by now.  in my head it's peaceful, restful, slow moving etc.  in reality it's planning, deadlines, conflict, rainy etc.  i'm almost ready to say i'm ready for the busy season.  

one of my assignments last week was a civic event at the university of montevallo.  i arrived right on time for the shoot which was advertised to start at 7.  2 hours later i was standing in the back of the room trying not to fall asleep from lack of calories in my body (oh and they ate a 4 course meal right in front of me). all i could think about was my sweet homewrecker from moe's.  as the event was winding down, i was inching towards the door.  i literally got my shots that ran in the paper as i was walking out of the venue.  now for some reason the workers at moe's in alabaster don't like to make money or at least not from me because they close at 9 o'clock which has been too early for me on several occasions.  you know that feeling when you're hungry and ticked.  it's a very entitled feeling.  so i went to chick fil a and of course nothing was good enough for me.  so i did all that was left to do.  griped all the way home to my wife who was in nashville with a sick baby.  i'm sure there was a lot of true sympathy there.  in my 2 hours on assignment i did manage to take some pictures of a watertower that i really like.  the reason i like them is because i didn't have to do a thing to them before i posted.  i rarely get that luxury.   so this is about the best thing that came of that night for me... did i mention it was a friday night!

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