Wednesday, June 25, 2008

honor among thieves....

alright, quick neighborhood check

# of times i called the police in 3 years living in helena: 0
# of times i called the police in 8 months living in bluff park: 2

2 nights ago stokes and i were watching a movie when we heard something banging around outside. i let attie out (like that would do anything), turned on the floodlights, and went back to watching the movie. next morning i walk out front to find one of 2 pieces of our yard furniture missing. what?

why would someone want to steal 1 bench from my yard and nothing else? maybe i scared them off. maybe attie bit a chunk out of their leg and they ran away screaming. or maybe as the police suggested it was just a neighborhood kid pulling a prank. if that is the case, i hope when they got back to their home or tree house or prison cell they tried to sit down on our bench. it was only ornamental. if someone ever tried to sit on it they would end up on the ground.

sad part is it was my great granddad's so it does have some sentimental value. my wife therefore tried a different approach to achieve justice by writing them a note should they come back for the second piece of furniture. i guess some thieves do have a conscience.


Mis said...

that is so sad. the note seems like a good idea..wouldn't it be neat if they brought the bench back??
our next door neighbors house got broken into yesterday...right in the middle of the day..

erin nolen said...

i told corey that i wanted to offer $20 for my bench back. he said no and that we were not going to pay for something that someone stole from us. but i just want it back. it makes me really sad.

Corey Nolen said...

the robber is more likely to read my blog than come back to read the sign on the chair.... so maybe you'll get it back after all.

Mis said...

i know..stuff like that is so sad. i remember the first time we let Sam carve a pumpkin and we put it out on the porch and the next morning it was smashed in the street...i know it was just some prank, but it still made me so sad...sean decided that we should put another one out and put vaseline all over it, so that it would be gross if they tried to steal it again!! i hope your chair stays!

Beau said...

Daddy told me about the new baby. Congratulations.