Monday, April 9, 2007

the thrill of my life

i mentioned in an earlier blog an incredible home in greensboro al that i was dying to photograph. by god's grace it worked out. i had to take the backup camera so they weren't as clear as i wanted but i still think they turned out alright.

this home was built in the 1830's. it is one of the last if not the last of its era to be restored in the state (these picture could be the last ones before it is). believe it or not a descendant of the homes original owner actually lived in the house up until only 20yrs ago or so. imagine living in this home as you see it. in some ways it would be the most magnificent thing imaginable and in others it would be terrifying. i kept waiting on a ghost to show up in my shots, but no such luck.

i have the utmost respect for this house, its architecture and how it was built. it is amazing how well intact it still is. it has held up better over 200 years than some houses around me have in 20yrs. click here for a slideshow. hope you enjoy as much as i do.

click here to see a photo of the house from the 1930's. pictures looked so much better back then.


Elizabeth McCoin said...

Corey... did Erin tell you my Mom's family is from Greensboro? We spend tons of time there. There are so many great old antebellum houses there. What is the address of this one...curious if I know it or not.

Corey Nolen said...

don't know if you'll check back. the house is on Main. it's the old Webb house and I think was owned by the Webb's up until about 20 years ago. if you are heading out of town on Main towards Marion/Centreville it is about a half mile on your left once you leave downtown. you can't miss it now but it used to be grown up so much that even people living in town didn't know it was there. greensboro's a cool town... i'm going back to do some shots for an auburn architecture professor who designed a modern home down there. lots of cool structures there. we'll catch up more.

Elizabeth McCoin said...

I do not know that house specifically, but I know where it is and where you are talking about. My grandparents and some of the family lived on the other side of Main Street towards Magnolia Grove. It is a great old town, but I would have loved to have seen it in its hay-day. Even to me, it has changed from when I knew it 20 years ago.

Corey Nolen said...

anywhere you or your family want photographed when i'm back down there?

elizabeth mccoin said...

Not that I am aware of. I will see if I learn anything. You are doing a great job, my friend!

rhonda said...

Nice job Corey! I just might have to get Granny and make a roadtrip this summer to Greensboro. It looks like a place she and I both would enjoy visiting. Keep up the good work. You make us proud. Love ya!