Saturday, March 10, 2007


i was in the studio most of the day. i began to mourn the loss of a beautiful day. thankfully I live close to some cool scenery. well cool for me. i love warn out stuff... rust, paint peeling, rotting wood etc. not junk but... in tact aged objects.

i was in greensboro, al thursday for work and as I was headed out of town I saw the most incredible house i've ever seen in my life. it literally made me physically anxious... my heart started racing. i'm sure it used to be an old plantation home (i later found out it was built in the 1850's). it looked like someone was about to start renovating it. i had my camera, and thought i was about to begin the best shoot of my life. so like an idiot i called the realtor and got the owners name. called him, left a message and never heard back. that's what you get for asking permission. because i'm an idiot and a wimp, i never got a single shot. i kept thinking he'd call as i was leaving town and i'd turn around and get my wish, but it never happened. i'm gonna call him again.

anyway, i've had a void since then and was glad to get to explore my little country town a bit this afternoon. i just started heading down the tracks. i was mainly getting used to our 2 new lenses. here's some of what i got.

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